Permission to Pray

Thank you for your diligence in supporting your students at Aki Kurose. The Aki community wants to ensure all our families feel supported in their rights to observe their religious practices.  Some families wanted to allow their students to pray at school; other families said they prefer to have their student stay in class. 

We want to fully support students’ observance of pray to the best of our ability. If you would like to give permission for your student to pray at school in the afternoon, please either pick up a form at school or use this link to to sign up your student. This will allow us to keep accurate attendance and know where students are for their safety. Please understand they will miss approximately 15 minutes of class time. Students will be supervised during prayer by a member of support staff or an administrator. 

Students are expected to behave respectfully and responsibly when they come and go from class and during the prayer time. If students need support in meeting these expectations, Aki administrators will contact families to seek out alternative ways to support prayer.  

For any questions, please call Principal Mr. Caine Lowery at (206) 252-7705, Assistant Principal Dan Reeve at (206) 252-7711, Assistant Principal Ronald Howard at 206-252-7709, or Assistant Principal Emma Hong at 206-252-7739.