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Math pathway

In middle school, students start on a path that will lead them all the way to college math . The class sequence goes like this:

  • 6th grade math
  • 7th grade math
  • 8th grade math
  • Algebra I
  • Geometry
  • Algebra II
  • Pre-Calculus
  • Calculus

Most students at Aki Kurose take two math classes : a grade-level standards class, and an enrichment class. This is to help all of our student mathematicians grow as much as possible in math during the year . Students are placed in math classes at Aki based on their performance in math the previous year, their SBA scores from multiple years, and teacher recommendation. Teachers are continually assessing student progress over the course of the year to determine their “just-right” math class. In general, an “honors” class is working one year ahead. If you get ahead in middle school math, you can take Algebra I and sometimes also Geometry when you are still in middle school.  Working hard in middle school math will set you on a high school path toward college.

High School graduation requirements for class of 2024 include 3 credits of high school level math. That includes Algebra 1, Geometry, and a 3rd credit of math (see for details).

In order to be set up to take 4 years of high school level math, youneed to stay at or above grade level in middle school math. Most 4-yearcolleges require that students took 4 years of high school math.

Studies show that if your student can keep up orget ahead in math in middle school and high school, they are more likely to get into college, succeed in college, and get a higher paying job after graduation.

Resources if your student needs math help or wants to work to get ahead:

  1. Aki Kurose offers several after school programs including homework club and extended day math classes. These are free. You can sign up in the main office.
  2. Check the Source to keep track of assignments and grades. Call or email your student’s teacher to ask about missing assignments, extra practice work or test re-takes. Interpreters are available.
  3. Have your student do extra practice work at home using free online resources such as Kahn Academy or IXL math. These are available here:

Math homework cycle at Aki Kurose
6th grade: 
Homework assigned Monday, due Wednesday (is test prep for the assessments we give on Wednesday) 
Homework assigned Wednesday due Friday (is all standards taught review up to that point)

7th grade:
Homework assigned every Friday, due on the following Wednesday
Weekly quizzes on Friday

8th grade:
Homework assigned Monday is due Wednesday
Homework assigned Wednesday is due Friday

Algebra and Geometry:
Any class work not completed during class becomes homework. Expect about one additional homework assignment per week. All homework is due during notebook checks.

College Entrance Requirements for Math
Two year colleges:  If you plan to attend community college, it’s a good idea to take Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II and Pre-calculus. Otherwise, you will need to spend money paying for classes that you could have taken in high school. Also, you won’t be able to get college credit for classes until you get to college-level math, which begins at pre-calculus.
Four year colleges:  Most four year colleges require at least 3 years of high school math and recommend that you take more. It is a good idea to take at 4 years of high school math if you plan to attend a four-year college or university.
For example, requirements to be considered for admission at the University of Washington:
Three credits of study are required, at least at the level of algebra, geometry, and second-year level algebra.