Aki Kurose Middle School Counseling Department

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Ms. Emma Hong
6th grade

Mr. Símon Iñiguez
7th grade

Mr. Sam Labi
8th grade

Not all of the antecedents of academic remediation are based on intellectual deficiency but are often the result of unmet social and emotional needs.

Incidents of undesirable social behaviors are often the result of a combination of insufficient understanding of one’s emotional need, a lack of technique with which to acquire a desired outcome, a misunderstanding of social cues and social process and frustration stemming from a lack of circumstantially appropriate expressive language.

To ensure all students have access to the social and emotional support necessary for academic and social success.

Our professional standards were solidified and adopted in 2003. Our standards were developed by the American School Counselor Association and our delivery of services is titled the ASCA National Model for a Comprehensive School Counseling Program.

There are three main domains that guide our practice; academic development, personal/social development and career development. Each of these contains corresponding, competencies and indicators.

Briefly, our delivery system includes four sub-systems: school counseling curriculum, individual student planning, responsive services and system support.

  • School counseling curriculum includes (but is not limited to): anti-bullying, social skills, identifying sexual harassment, cyber-safety, financial literacy, pre-vocational skill building and reconciling differences.
  • Responsive services include (but are not limited to): crisis intervention, grief-counseling, conflict mediation/resolution.
  • Individual counseling/planning includes (but is not limited to): individual and small group counseling across a spectrum of issues and topics, establishing continuing education opportunities over breaks, pSAT/pACT testing, scholarship enrollment and the creation of individual behavior plans.
  • System support includes (but is not limited to): family-teacher conferences, SIT team, student scheduling and schedule changes, lunch supervision, re-entry meetings, support-team and MSP testing.

Please feel free to call or email regarding any questions about our department.

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Aki Kurose Counseling Dept.

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