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Aki Kurose COVID FAQs

For the latest guidance from the district, please check the district website

Aki Kurose COVID Frequently Asked Questions

**New email for Aki Covid Reporting:

What are the symptoms of COVID to look for?

Remember, if your child has one or more COVID symptoms, please keep them home. COVID symptoms are: headache, runny nose, stuffy nose, loss of taste or smell, cough, sore throat, fatigue, fever/chills, body aches, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea.

Before they come back to school, their symptoms need to have significantly improved *and they may need to be tested for COVID*. Please call 206-252-7707 to confirm if a test is needed. 

What should I do if my student has tested positive?

If you learn of a positive case for an Aki student, please help us minimize spread and keep the community safe by alerting Nurse Meredith, so she can put you in touch with the Seattle School contact tracing team: 206-252-7707 or

If a test is required, please email a copy of the negative COVID test result before your child comes back to class. 

What do I do if my student has symptoms?

It is critical that students who have any symptoms of illness stay home rather than coming to school; if you wish to keep your student home because you are worried about a recent exposure, that is also an excused absence. As always, our staff is committed to supporting the learning of all our students, including those who need to be absent. 

Can my student get a COVID test at Aki?

We have a limited number of rapid tests at Aki that we are administering to Aki students and staff, as needed. If you would like your student to get tested, please send them to the main office, or call the school at 206-252-7700 to ask if testing is available at that time. 

Where are some places I can get a Covid test?

Here is a list of South Seattle COVID testing sites 

Covid Test Kits for Home

Families can order a set of 4 rapid antigen COVID-19 tests for FREE. They will ship free in late January. Enter your name and address here to order: order Covid tests

Proper Masking

Proper Masking is invaluable in the fight against COVID-19 transmission in our school and community. The fit of medical procedure (or “surgical”) masks may be significantly improved if worn underneath a cloth face covering or “knotted and tucked.” These methods have been shown to nearly double the filtration efficiency of masks and bring them very close to the level of a KN95.