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    Student Progress Reporting

    The purpose of reporting standards and grades is to share progress to motivate and plan future learning. Seattle Public Schools values communication among teachers, students, and families to influence student success. Grades and progress reports describe achievement at specific points in time and communicate progress towards course expectations and learning standards.

    Secondary Students (6th grade - 12th grade)

    Secondary grades are reported through The Source. The Source is a resource that families and students can view students schedules, assessment scores, attendance information, library information and grades for secondary students. Read more about the Source and how to set up a parent or guardian account.

    Elementary Students (kindergarten - 5th grade)

    Student progress reports are sent home to families of elementary students. In 2019, student progress reports will look similar to past reports but will feature updated standards better aligned with what students are taught. Communication to families about understanding standards and using the report cards will be rolled out in the fall. Elementary standards are not displayed on The Source.

    Family Guides for Elementary Student Progress Reports