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    Board of Directors FAQs

    I'd like to speak at a School Board meeting. How do I sign up?

    Sign-ups for giving public testimony at regular board meetings are accepted beginning at 8 a.m. on the Monday prior to the board meeting, and the testimony list is posted to the board meeting agenda on Tuesday afternoon. Priority is given to those signing up for action and introduction items. As the board offers 20 spots for public testimony, any requests received beyond 20 will be placed upon a wait list, view additional rules and information.

    Rules for Public Testimony and How to Sign Up to Address the Board

    How do I contact the School Board?

    There are multiple ways to contact the board.

    You may email the board at to send your message to all seven directors, the Superintendent and senior staff.  If you would like to email only the seven Directors and not include Board Office staff, the Superintendent and senior staff, please utilize the email address.

    You may also call 206-252-0040 and leave a message for all directors or a specific director. Board members also hold community meetings. Please view the board calendar for upcoming director community meetings.

    Who are the board members and which director serves my district?

    Visit the School Board homepage and click on Meet the Board to see the list of the seven board members and access their personal web pages. You can click on each Director's web page to learn more about them, see when they will be holding a community meeting and to view the list of schools in their district.

    Additionally, you can open the Seattle Public Schools Director Districts mappdf icon to see in which district your school is.

    How can I be aware of what happens at a board meeting if I cannot attend?

    All regular board meetings are live-broadcast in Seattle on Comcast channel 26 and also streamed via our Media Operations Center.

    Also, the archive of prior board meeting videos can be found at the City of Seattle's Seattle Channel web page.

    Where can I find past Board meetings agendas, minutes and/or documents?

    Please visit the School Board Archives page for board meeting and work session agendas and minutes.

    By clicking on the appropriate year in the table at the bottom of the page and then clicking on the meeting date in the first column of the spreadsheet, you will find the meeting agendas and the related documents. The minutes are linked once they have been approved by the board at the following board meeting and can be found in the second column from the left on the spreadsheet.

    When and where are the Board meetings held?

    Please view the board calendar for upcoming board regular and special meetings.

    Unless otherwise stated on the meeting notice, all board meetings are held in at the John Stanford Center for Educational Excellence, located at 2445 Third Ave. South, in the SoDo neighborhood. You can view map and directions to John Stanford Center.

    What are the Board committees and what do they do?

    The Board has four committees that support the policy and oversight work of the Board and provide recommendations to the full Board on items brought before the committee.

    You can find more information on the committees, their purposes, which directors serve on each committee, and when they meet on the committees web page.

    What are Board policies and where can I find them?

    It is the duty and responsibility of the board to set policy for, and provide guidance and oversight of, the district. The superintendent often develops procedures to implement the board’s policies. Board policies are divided into numbered series by topic area, based upon the Washington State School Directors Association’s model.

    Series topics include:

    • Philosophy and Goal
    • Board of Directors
    • Instruction
    • Students
    • Community Relations
    • Personnel
    • Management Support

    View the School Board policies.

    What are the “Friday Memos” and where can I read them?

    The superintendent previously sent a memo to the Board each Friday, providing updates from various district departments and also information requested by the Board. The archive is available on the “Friday Memos” web page.

    Read past Superintendent's Friday Memos to the Board

    I have a concern at my child’s school, how do I handle it?

    We always recommend that you first start with looking to resolve concerns at the school level and then moving up “the chain” if you are not able to reach a resolution.

    If you have a concern with your student’s teacher, you would first work with the teacher and then the principal. If your concern is still not resolved, you would then reach out to the Director of Schools for your area.

    We also recommend reading the following:

    District Ombudsperson's Web site

    District Ombudsperson's Family Complaint Process