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    The SPS Media Operations Center presents School Beat TV

    This interview format series features information and profiles about the people and programs of Seattle Public Schools. The series is broadcast on Ch 26 in the Seattle area and is available online.

    Episode 12: Student Media Makers

    Students from Cleveland, Ballard and the Skills Center had a unique learning experience when they “took over” the TV studio and produced a new episode of School Beat TV. Students wrote, directed, hosted, ran camera, audio, and all the crew positions it takes to produce a television program. They showcased student films and animations, interviewed students and TV studio interns about their films, the production process and their career goals in media.

    Episode 11: Focusing on Student Filmmakers

    Students from Cleveland and Ballard produced, directed, ran camera, audio, and all crew positions on this newest episode of “School Beat TV.” They interviewed each other and Cleveland teacher Brian Gordon, presented their award winning films, and edited the final production for broadcast on Channel 26 and streaming on the web. Also presented is a feature about Franklin High Schools's Q-TV news program.

    Produced by Media Operations Center Intern Lyric Gonzalez.

    Episode 10: Healthy and Active Students

    In this episode of School Beat TV we explore how health, nutrition, physical education and athletics in Seattle Schools supports the whole child -- where every student, in every school is healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged.

    Episode 9: Student Filmmakers Take Over

    Ballard High School film students “take over” the Seattle School District TV studio! They produced, directed, edited, ran camera, audio, and ALL crew positions on their own episode of “School Beat TV.” Watch their award winning films and hear from the filmmakers and their teacher, Matt Lawrence.

    Episode 8: Special Olympics in our Schools

    “Play Unified to Live Unified” that’s the motto of the Special Olympics Unified Sports – a program that brings together student athletes with, and without intellectual disabilities. Learn about the success of this program in Seattle Public Schools with Joe Hampson, Vice President of Program Development for Special Olympics Washington and Eric McCurdy, Athletic Director of Seattle Public Schools.

    Episode 7: Schools and Families in Partnership

    There are few partnerships more important than that between families and schools. Watch this episode to learn how to become involved and support our students and our schools.

    Episode 5: Innovative Teachers Using Innovative Technology

    In part 1 of the program, we visit with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) teachers Ashley Toney from K-5 STEM School at Boren, and David Friedle from Cleveland High School.

    In part 2, Denny International Middle School teacher Leticia Clausen and Northgate Elementary teacher Zac Stowell tell us about the big rewards they’ve found using a little machine…the ipad.

    Episode 4: Summer Learning = Summer Fun

    Join Shauna Heath (Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction) and Program Managers Kathleen Vasquez (Literacy & Social Studies) and Janet Zombro (Mathematics) as they discuss how to keep learning alive during the summer months.

    Episode 3 The Good Behavior Game

    Features interviews with Celia Arriaga and Helen Walsh as they highlight the success of the “Good Behavior Game” program in elementary classrooms.

    Episode 2: Alternative Approaches

    This episode features interviews with Interagency Principal Kaaren Andrews and Student and Family Advocate, Anthony Kane.

    Ms. Andrews and Mr. Kane discuss alternative approaches; including online credit retrieval programs that can help at-risk students achieve graduation success.

    Episode 1: Supporting Student Success

    Features an interview with Asst. Superintendent for Operations, Pegi McEvoy and an interview with Lisa Sharp and Link Crew student leaders from Chief Sealth International High School. Learn about district programs that impact dropout prevention, truancy intervention and dropout recovery.


    Production of episodes 1 & 2 of School Beat were funded by the U.S. Department of Education’s High School Graduation Initiative Grant and feature information about district programs that impact dropout prevention, truancy intervention and dropout recovery. Compelling profiles of students who are benefiting from these programs are presented. 

    Telly Awards imageEpisodes 1 & 2 also feature the award winning student video profiles: Graduation Success Stories These profiles are designed for professional development (online and in workshops) related to the reduction of risk factors and increase of protective factors to positively impact high school graduation.

    School Beat 3: The Good Behavior Game, was funded by the SAMHSA “SPARC” (Seattle Positive Action and Reinforcement in the Classroom) grant and highlights the success of the Good Behavior Game program in elementary classrooms.

    New episodes will be featured in the coming months. Stay tuned for more scheduling information.