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    Source Login:

    Visit the Source at:

    What is the Source?

    The Source displays attendance, assessment scores and secondary student assignment grades.  Elementary grades are not displayed on the Source at this time.  SchoolPay, Schoology Access Codes and other family resources are also found on the Source.  Please visit to learn more.

    Who can get a Source account?

    • Parents and guardians of students actively enrolled in SPS may set up an account.
    • Students actively enrolled in SPS will receive a username and password at school.  Students will log onto the Source with their student account.  If your student did not receive their student account, please have them see their school librarian or teacher.

    What do parents and guardians need to set up a Source account:

    • You must be the parent or guardian of a student actively enrolled in SPS.
    • Have the same valid email address on record at each student's school.  Your email address will be your Source username.
    • Visit the account set up page.

    If you don't have an email address:

    There are many ways to get a free email account.  Google's Gmail is free and has a translation feature.  Please visit the Create your Google Account website if you would like a  Gmail account.  To translate the Google Gmail page, scroll to the bottom of the page.  Click the drop down on the bottom right to select your language.

    How do parents and guardians set up an account?

    Please visit the account set up page.

    Is a student missing from your account?

    If you have a Source account, but a student is missing from it, please contact the school to update the email address on your student's school record.  Please allow 2 hours for the change to sync with the Source.  Clear the cache on your browser, close your browser, reopen and log onto the Source.  The student will be on your account.

    Have you forgotten your Source username, password or need to change your password?

    Please visit our account recovery page.

    Is there an APP to access the Source?

    Please only use the URL: whenever you wish to access the Source.
    The Source is part of our student information system, PowerSchool.  PowerSchool does have an APP, however, the APP does not support our custom features, so we are not using it.  If you accidentally attempt to install the PowerSchool APP, please completely remove it from your phone. 
    users may need to follow one of the two options below to remove the PowerSchool APP: 

    • From your Android select Settings, then APPs.  Choose the Menu (3 dots on the top right) and select Reset APP preferences.

    If the first suggestions does not work, try the following:

    • From your Android select Settings, then APPs.  Choose all APPs (on the extreme right), select Chrome, Clear Defaults.

    Why are dots showing up in the password field of the source log on screen?

    The dots are a security feature the vendor has added. Typically, if you get the extra dots and cannot log on, it is because you have forgotten your password, have a stored password you have not updated, or someone else used your computer and stored a password. Please try clearing your cache, delete the dots and type in your password. You may want to set your browser to not store passwords or try a different browser.  Some browsers seem to keep the dots no matter what.

    Security Violation or Unauthorized message/disabled accounts:

    If you get a security violation or unauthorized message when trying to set up your Source account, it may be disabled.  An account typically is disabled when a student is withdrawn from SPS and will need to be manually enabled if they return.  If you get one of these messages when trying to set up your Source account, please do the following: 

    • Please contact the main office of your student's school to confirm or update your email address
    • After the email address is confirmed, contact to report you have confirmed your email address and need to have your Source account enabled

    Can the Source be translated?

    The Source is part of PowerSchool, our Student Information System and does not have a translate feature at this time.  Parents and guardians of English Language Learners may find tools such as Google Translate helpful when viewing Source text. 

    • Please visit the Google Translate website and select the language.
    • Open another browser window and log onto the Source.  Use your mouse to copy the Source text you wish to translate. 
    • Return to the Google Translate page and paste the text in the field on the left.  Your translation will appear on the right.

    Grades, some assessment scores and attendance have been color coded.  Red in the grade field represents a failing grade, red in the attendance field represents too many unexcused absences.

    For more support, please visit our English Language Learners website.

    Please visit the Seattle Public Library ELL family resources as well. 

    Need technical assistance?

    Please visit our Technical Tips page.

    Need Help?

    If after reviewing these resources, you still need assistance, please email with the following information:

    • Brief description of the problem
    • Your full name and relationship to the student
    • Each student's full name
    • Each student's 7 digit Seattle Schools student ID#
    • Each student's school