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    School Board Policies

    One of the ongoing responsibilities of the Board of Directors is to establish policies that guide the operation of the School District.

    Policy Book Preamble

    Series 0000 – Philosophy and Goals

    Series 1000 – Board of Directors

    • Legal Status, Responsibilities & Authority of the Board
    • Election
    • Board Organization
    • Methods of Governance
    • Meetings
    • Principles of Operation
    • Board Member Benefits
    • Board Development

    Series 2000 – Instruction

    • Program Development and Resources 
    • Learning Programs and Supports 
    • School Organization 
    • Program Supplements
    • Requirements and Assessments 

    Series 3000 – Students

    • Admission and Attendance
    • Rights and Responsibilities
    • Student Welfare
    • Student Activities

    Series 4000 – Community Relations

    • Communications with the Public
    • Public Participation in the Schools
    • Public Access to Schools, Staff and Students
    • Relations with Other Agencies and Schools 

    Series 5000 – Personnel

    • Recruitment and Personnel Selection
    • Employment Practices
    • Compensation
    • Leaves
    • Benefits
    • Auxiliary Personnel

    Series 6000 - Management Support

    • Financial Planning and Management
    • Revenues
    • Purchasing
    • Risk Management
    • Transportation
    • Food Service
    • School Property
    • Capital Projects

    Phase I Policy Grid: comparison between former Section Policies and new Series Policies.

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