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    Board of Directors Series 6000 Policies

    Financial Planning and Management | Revenues | Purchasing | Risk Management | Transportation | Food Service | School Property | Capital Projects |

    Financial Planning and Management

    6000  Program Planning, Budget Preparation, Adoption and Implementation

    6010  School Funding Model

    6015  Fiscal Impact Statements

    6020  System of Funds and Accounts

    6021  Interfund Loans

    6022  Economic Stabilization Account

    6023  Debt

    6030  Financial Reports

    6040  Expenditures in Excess of Budget


    6100 Revenues from Local, State and Federal Sources

    6101  Federal Cash and Financial Management

    6102  Fundraising

    6111  Tuition

    6114  Gifts, Grants, Donations and Fundraising Proceeds

    6115  Plaques, Name Plates and Donor Walls

    6120  Investment of Funds


    6201  Allowable Costs for Federal Programs

    6211  School Contingent Funds

    6212  Procurement Cards

    6213  Reimbursement for Travel Expenses

    6215  Warrant Certification and Approval

    6220  Procurement

    6221  Emergency Contracts

    6222  Selection of Contractors for Small Construction Projects

    6225 Use of Electronic Signature

    Risk Management

    6500  Risk Management

    6501 Data Privacy

    6511 Staff Safety

    6530 Insurance

    6535 Student Insurance

    6540 School District's Responsibility for Privately-owned Property

    6550 Internal Audit Policy


    6600  Transportation

    6620  Special Transportation

    6625  Private Vehicle Transportation

    6640  District Owned Vehicles

    6650 Adults/Non Students on Buses

    6660 Vandalism to Transportation Facilities

    6670 Emergency Transportation

    Food Service

    6700 Distribution and Sale of Competitive Foods

    6705 Food Service and Student Nutrition

    6706 Food Service for School and Community Programs

    School Property

    6800  Safety Operations and Maintenance of School Property

    6801  Capital Assets/Theft-Sensitive Assets

    6805  Keys

    6807  Self-Help Projects

    6810  Natural Resources Conservation

    6882  Rental, Lease and Sale of Real Property

    6890  State Environmental Policy Act Compliance

    6895  Pesticide Notification, Posting and Record Keeping

    6896  Drinking Water Quality and Access

    Capital Projects

    6900  Facilities Planning

    6901  Capital Levy Planning

    6905  Site Acquisition

    6970  Naming of School District Buildings

    6971  Mascots and Nicknames

    6972  Nondiscrimination in Participation in Construction Projects

    6973  Debarment and Suspension of Contractors

    Other Policies (to be reviewed in Phase II)

    Phase I Policy Grid: comparison between former Section Policies and new Series Policies.