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    Board of Directors Series 5000 Policies

    Recruitment and Personnel Selection | Employment Practices | Compensation | Leaves | Benefits | Auxiliary Personnel

    Recruitment and Personnel Selection

    5000  Recruitment and Selection of Staff

    5001  Hiring of Retired School Employees

    5005  Employment: Disclosures, Certification, Assurances and Approval

    5006  Unprofessional Conduct of Staff

    5010  Nondiscrimination and Affirmative Action

    5020  Collective Bargaining

    5021  Applicability of Personnel Policies

    5050  Staff Contracts

    Employment Practices

    5201  Drug-Free Schools, Community and Workplace

    5202  Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Mandated Drug and Alcohol Testing Program

    5203  Employee Assistance Program

    5207  Prohibition of Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying

    5222  Job Sharing

    5230  Job Descriptions/Responsibilities

    5240  Evaluation of Staff

    5245  Anti-Retaliation

    5250 Reporting Improper Governmental Actions and Protecting Whistleblowers Against Retaliation

    5251 Ethics

    5252 Staff Participation in Political Activities

    5253  Maintaining Professional Staff/Student Boundaries

    5260  Personnel Records

    5280  Termination of Employment

    5281  Staff Disciplinary Action and Discharge

    5282  Employee Recognition Program


    5310 Compensation

    5315 Garnishment Processing


    5400  Leaves

    5410  Holidays Policy


    5520  Staff Development

    5530  Employee Benefits

    Auxiliary Personnel

    5610  Substitute Employment

    5630  Volunteers

    5641  Student Teachers

    Other Policies (to be reviewed in another Series or Phase II)

    Phase I Policy Grid: comparison between former Section Policies and new Series Policies.