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    Wellness Newsletter - April 2021
    Posted on 04/06/2021
    Wellness Newsletter - April 2021


    We are open for Wellness Center services. Ms. Shoshana our Nurse Practitioner, can see students virtually or in-person.

    Mental Health services are available virtually with Ms. Vero.

    To schedule an appointment, call (206) 326-2141.

    Upcoming Groups

    Kindness Alliance Meeting – a social justice group that supports the LGBTQ+ community

    Next Meeting: April 7th and April 21st.

    11:00 Current Aki students 
    2:30 Recent Aki grads

    Social Emotional Group - Meets every Wednesday at 1:30

    Sign-up with Ms. Vero & Ms. Shoshana

    April Monthly Health Topic: Alcohol, Tobacco & Other Drugs

    Drugs can attack your body inside and out—from your teeth and bones to your organs. The human body is an amazing organism—from the brain, where trillions of connections per millisecond keep you functioning, to the heart, which pumps 2,000 gallons of blood from your head to your toes every day. Your body also has a pretty awesome immune system that can recognize and destroy millions of biological invaders to protect your health. Maintaining a healthy body requires a delicate balance of good food, rest, and exercise. As strong and resilient as our bodies are, alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs are incredibly powerful in their ability to create illness and disease. 

    To learn more about the latest on how drugs affect the brain and body go to:

    Mindfulness Activity: Make a Glitter Jar

    How to make a Glitter Jar:

    1. Start by finding a glass mason jar and decorate it however you like. You can also use a plastic water bottle if you can't find a mason jar.
    2. You will also need one bottle of clear glue and glitter. Food coloring is optional.
    3. Fill the bottle up 3/4 of the way with water. Next, add the clear glue and glitter and shake. You may add a few drops of food coloring if desired.
    4. Seal the lid and you are ready to go. 

    You can SHAKE the jar or bottle when you feel anxious or upset and remain still while the glitter settles. As the glitter settles down into the bottom of the jar, take a few deep breaths. How do you feel?

    glitter jar 

    Covid-19 News

    Governor Jay Inslee recently announced that effective April 15, all Washingtonians age 16 and up will be eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccination. It’s important to get vaccinated if you qualify, continue to wear masks, social distance and wash your hands frequently to keep everyone healthy. For more information on the Covid-19 vaccine, click here:



    Wellness Center Staff

    Shoshana Mirel – Nurse Practitioner
    Vero Sage van Leuven – Mental Health Counselor
    Lisa McDonald – Program Coordinator
    Marcelene Dorian-Richardson – Health Educator

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