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    Wellness Newsletter - January 2021
    Posted on 01/19/2021
    Wellness Center News


    We are open for Wellness Center services. Ms. Shoshana our Nurse Practitioner, can see students virtually or in-person. Mental Health services are available virtually with Ms. Vero. To schedule an appointment, call (206) 326-2141.

    Upcoming Groups

    Kindness Alliance Meeting – a social justice group that supports the LGBTQ+ community

    Next Meeting: January 20th with Ms. Vero & Ms. Shoshana

    January Monthly Health Topic: Healthy Relationships

    Relationships can be full of fun, romance, excitement, intense feelings, and occasional heartache, too. Whether you're single or in a relationship, remember that it's good to be choosy about whom you get close to.

    The keys to a healthy relationship are respect, honesty, trust, equality, and good communication.

    Think about the qualities you value in a friendship and see how they match up with the ingredients of a healthy relationship. If you're already part of a pair, make sure the relationship you're in brings out the best in both of you. If you're wondering whether your relationship is healthy, click here:


    Mindfulness Activity: Grounding Exercise 

    Did you know that you can use your senses to calm your mind? Simply identify and write down what you see, feel, hear, smell and taste in order below.


    What did you learn? Were you able to relax after using your senses? You can use these easy mindfulness techniques throughout the day!

    Covid-19 News

    We are at record numbers of Covid-19 cases. It still is important to wear a mask, socially distance, avoid large groups and wash your hands. The good news is that the Covid-19 vaccines are here. To learn more about the Covid-19 vaccines, click here:

    Seattle King County Covid-19 Vaccines

    Wear a mask, wash your hands and avoid close contact with others. covid prevention

    Happy New Year and welcome back!

    Wellness Center Staff

    Shoshana Mirel – Nurse Practitioner
    Vero Sage van Leuven – Mental Health Counselor
    Lisa McDonald – Program Coordinator
    Marcelene Dorian-Richardson – Health Educator