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    How to use The Source
    Posted on 11/05/2018
    Peace Cranes, BE SUCCESSFUL!
    Use the Source to…
    • Check your grades

    • Check your attendance record

    • Check your library account

    • …and more!

    Start at
    To access The Source, go to the Student Family portal, or choose The Source from the Students drop-down menu:
    SPS home page showing links to the Source

    First, log in to the Source
    . If you don't have an account for the Source, you'll need to set one up (click the set up button). You'll need to have an email address; be sure to use the one that the school has on file. Please be aware it will take time (usually one day) for the district to verify you have permission to access your student's account. In the meantime, please view this imaginary student profile to learn what you can see on the Source.
    the Source login screen

    After you log in, you’ll see a page like this:
    (This is a sample student, not an actual Aki student!)
    Example student page showing all grade (not a real student)

    We'll explore three areas of the Source shown with the large arrows in the next few images:
    the Source screen with 3 arrows indicating areas to be explored

    If you click on a grade
    , you will see grade details for that class, including assignments and assessments, with grade or status for each:
    the Source grade detail screen (not a real student)

    Click on a number under Absences to see Attendance details:
    the Source attendance details

    Click on Library
    to see details about books that are checked out, and any library fines:
    the Source Library fines page (not a real student)

    Now you know one more way to be successful at Aki.
    Go Peace Cranes!