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    Aki Peace Crane Press- October
    Posted on 10/24/2017
    newspaperDear Aki families,
      As we enter fall with the shorter daylight hours (Daylight Saving clock adjustment set to happen on Sunday, Nov. 5 at 2:00AM - set clocks back 1 hour), it is extra important to focus on getting to school safely! Encourange your students to use their flashing Aki lights when walking to school or waiting at a busstop. (Hundreds of students picked these up at orientation and curriculum night.) If you drop off your students, please be sure to do so at the corner, and never directly across the street from school.  Thank you for working together to keep our students safe!
      Thank you for attending our math night, where families did math activities with their student and learned how to support math learning at home. We hope everyone also learned about the math pathway through middle and high school to be college-ready. Most students at Aki Kurose take two math classes: a grade-level standards class, and an enrichment class. This helps all of our students grow as much as possible in math during the year. Students are placed in math classes at Aki based on their performance in math the previous year, their SBA scores from multiple years, and teacher recommendation. Teachers are continually assessing student progress over the course of the year to determine their “just-right” math class. In general, an “honors” class is working one year ahead. If you get ahead in middle school math, you can take Algebra I and sometimes also Geometry when you are still in middle school.  Working hard in middle school math will set you on a high school path toward college! The order of math classes is 6th grade math-> 7th grade math-> 8th grade math-> Algebra-> geometry-> Algebra II-> Pre-calculus-> Calculus. More details at: 
       The week of October 23 – 27 is Discover U week, and we have many great things planned at Aki throughout the week. This includes lunchtime activities and conversations in classrooms. The goals are for students to increase their understanding of how different educational experiences lead to specific jobs and careers, and learn about different colleges. Counselors will visit students through their Social Studies classes to discuss career and college readiness, have students complete career interest surveys and discuss how different levels of education connect to specific jobs and salaries. Be sure to ask your student about activities this week!
    Sincerely, your Administrative team:
    Guest principal Dr. Gloria Mitchell, Assistant Principal Mr. Ron Howard, 
    Assistant Principal Mr. Dan Reeve, Assistant Principal Mr. Caine Lowery 
    Thank you Student Athletes for your hard work & dedication so far this season! We appreciate your efforts & know you are working hard to be good teammates, players & students.  New grade-check process: Student-athletes are required to keep their grades up.  If you have a low grade, talk with your teacher about doing the work to get it up before Wednesday PowerSchool grade checks. If you do re-takes & raise your grade, please have your teacher sign a Grade Check Sheet BY LUNCH TIME on Thursday so the Athletic Director can confirm you are eligible to play in your game.  
    PEACE Coalition Key Leader event 2017 will feature raw and uncut expert testimonials and presentations around neighborhood health and safety. The vision is to promote transformative discourse between neighbors and neighborhood groups, delivering information in ways that engage, inspire, and empower. From seasoned leaders imparting their wisdom to young leaders emerging in to their callings, this TEDtalk edutainment styled gathering is sure to cause an awakening in our community! 
    November 14, 2017, 6:00-8:00pm at New Holly Gathering Hall, 7054 32nd Ave South. Dinner, Childcare, Interpretation provided