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    Latest Lunch Update

    Our school is still a meal site for parents/guardians & students to pick up meals at the Food Program door on Graham Street. We are open Monday – Friday 10:45 a.m. to 1:15 p.m. Each day parents/guardians may pick up hot or cold lunch choices for their students as well as a breakfast for the next morning plus students not attending in-person can pick up their own breakfast and lunch. We also have frozen dinners from FareStart and snack bags from Backpack Brigade available to anyone each day. On Wednesdays we have fresh produce available, provided by a district-wide fruit & vegetable grant.

    The hope is that on Mondays & Tuesdays students that are attending in-person will finish their online classes in the morning and head over to grab lunch at the Food Program door to eat outside the building before they come in for classes. We will always have a hot entrée available (pizza and/or chicken) as well as cold choices that are easy to eat before they come to class. Salads are available Tuesdays – Fridays.

    Breakfast and lunch are free for all students. Students may pick up a breakfast as they are leaving school from the labeled cooler at the west exit across the hall from the Wellness Center. Please feel free to grab a breakfast there for any student that is hungry.


    Previous Updates

    Starting on Monday, March 8th, we will no longer be serving adults and will only be serving breakfast/lunch to Youth 18 & under.  We will still be serving from 11:15 – 1:15 Monday through Friday.  We have hot pizza and hot entrees available each day for students.  Families can find the monthly menu online to know what we are serving each day.  We also have it posted by the food program entry door.

    Adults may still come to pick up for their youth studying hard at home, but we will no longer be able to give school lunches to adults.  We will still have FareStart meals available to anyone as well as shelf-stable bags of pantry goods for families.

    We have been very happy to serve the whole community during the past year and appreciate everyone that has helped make that happen.  Please let your students know that we will continue to provide convenient lunches and that it is OK for their guardians to pick up the meals for them.


    Just wanted to share the October menu, hot off the press.  There are some exciting offerings on a daily basis this month, so please share with as many students, parents & friends as you can.  Everyone may get a breakfast & lunch, they don’t have to attend Aki Kurose.  We make hot pizza and the entrée every day so that students can quickly get a hot lunch and get back to class.  We also have sandwiches, salads and take & bake for home if that is their preference.You can find the lunch menu here.

    We also have a limited supply of FareStart frozen dinners every day. First come, first served. Oh!...and Fridays everyone gets a cookie!

    Seattle Public Schools is committed to providing meal service to students. If you have questions about this program, please call 206-252-0675.

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