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    Quick reference sheet - Whom to Contact
    Posted on 11/30/2016

    Find the best route to get information and solve school-related problems, as well as give ideas and suggestions. Any staff member may be reached at the school phone number, (206) 252-7700.

    For help in one of the following home languages, please call to leave a message or email your questions to one of the following people (by home language):

    Amharic or Oromo: Habtamou Kassa, email

    Somali: Abdi Geireh, email

    Spanish: Amy Anderson at (206) 252-7665 or email

    Tagalog: Eden Tumbaga at (206) 252-7765 or email

    Vietnamese: Quang Hoang at (206) 252-7734 or email

    Whom to contact if…

    Your student is absent or you have attendance questions: Attendance Specialist at 252-7704.

    You have a transportation concern: Transportation Office at 252-0900. Concerns about bus issues related to Aki Kurose, call Mr. Howard at 252-7709 or Mr. Roger Kirihara at 252-7758. 

    For the following issues, please contact a counselor:

    -Your student is doing poorly in classes and needs extra help with school work…

    -Your student is having a conflict with a teacher or thinks the teacher is being unfair…

    -Your student is having a conflict with a student that is adversely impacting them…

    -You fear that your student has been involved in inappropriate activities…

    -You have seen changes in personality, friends, reliability, and/or their school work…

    • Contact your student's counselor, Kari Johnson, 252-7767 or Camille Beck, 252-7749.

    You have questions about a specific class, or you have a conflict with a teacher: Contact the teacher directly to start with; then contact an administrator if you are having trouble resolving the issue to your satisfaction.

    You have questions about Special Education: Ms. Donna Gilligan-Miller, at 252-7724.

    You have questions about a discipline issue: Please call Mr. Howard, Assistant Principal, at 252-7709.

    For discipline appeals information, call (206)252-0820 or visit, and follow these menu choices: Students - Student Support - Safety and Security - Discipline.  Parents and/or guardians appealing a discipline sanction have the right to request an informal grievance conference with the building principal or designee within three business days of learning of the discipline sanction.

    You have questions about athletic eligibility: Mr. Roger Kirihara at 252-7758.

    Your student needs to pay a fine or fee:  Ms. Amber Ladd at 252-7700.

    Your student has a health concern or 504 plan that you would like to address: contact your student's counselor, Kari Johnson, 252-7767 or Camille Beck, 252-7749.

    Your family needs assistance finding resources: Communities in Schools Site Coordinator Mitra Vahdati at 252-7718.

    You are interested in afterschool activities for your student: CLC Coordinator Mike Browne at 252-7711. 

    The District Ombudsperson serves as an independent liaison to assist SPS parents and community members in helping to resolve problems, complaints, conflicts, and other school-related issues when normal procedures have failed. The Ombudsperson office does not have authority and can only make recommendations. Information will be kept confidential at your request. The District Ombudsperson can be reached by phone: (206) 252-0529 or at