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    Wellness Newsletter - February 2021
    Posted on 01/30/2021
    Wellness Newsletter - February 2021


    We are open for Wellness Center services. Ms. Shoshana our Nurse Practitioner, can see students virtually or in-person. Mental Health services are available virtually with Ms. Vero. To schedule an appointment, call (206) 326-2141.

    Upcoming Groups

    Kindness Alliance Meeting – a social justice group that supports the LGBTQ+ community

    Next Meeting: February 10th and February 24th. Contact Ms. Vero Sage van Leuven, or Ms. Shoshana Mirel on Teams Chat for an invite. 

    5 Minute Self-Care

    self care 

    February Monthly Health Topic: Managing Stress

    Making self-care a routine part of your life will help you manage stress and anxiety, better cope with life’s challenges and help you to enjoy life more. In your teen years as your bodies and minds are constantly changing and adapting, it is vital. Self-care is looking after your physical and emotional health. This can be any activity that assists with making you feel happy, healthy and positive.


    Mindfulness Activity: Mindful Word

    Being mindful helps people do better in just about every part of life, like focusing on homework or feeling less stressed out. Practicing mindfulness a little bit every day helps you to build this valuable skill.

    Step 1: Think of a word that seems calm or soothing. This could be a word like peace, love, snowflake, sunlight or calm.

    Step 2: Think the word to yourself. Say it silently and slowly in your mind. Say your word to yourself with each breath you take, in and out. Keep your attention gently focused on your word.
    Step 3: When your mind wanders, guide your attention back to your word, and keep saying it gently and slowly while you relax and breathe. Step 4: Can you do this for a whole minute? Can you do it for 5 minutes?


    Covid-19 News

    Two vaccines are authorized for emergency use by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Both vaccines are currently being distributed in Washington state. The vaccine is being rolled out in phases starting with those most at risk for COVID-19 infection. Those who are eligible will be able to receive the vaccine in the coming months. It’s more important than ever to continue to wear masks, stay six feet apart, and avoid gatherings with people you don’t live with. Click here to learn more: 


    Wellness Center Staff

    Shoshana Mirel – Nurse Practitioner
    Vero Sage van Leuven – Mental Health Counselor
    Lisa McDonald – Program Coordinator
    Marcelene Dorian-Richardson – Health Educator