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    Wellness Newsletter - December 2020
    Posted on 12/14/2020
    Aki Kurose Wellness Center News


    We are open for Wellness Center services. Ms. Shoshana our Nurse Practitioner, can see students virtually or in-person. Mental Health services are available virtually with Ms. Vero. To schedule an appointment, call (206) 326-2141.

    Upcoming Groups

    Kindness Alliance Meeting – a social justice group that supports the LGBTQ+ community

    Next Meeting: January 6th with Ms. Vero & Ms. Shoshana

    Is it Covid 19 or Flu?

    It’s that time of year when we experience more respiratory illnesses like colds, flu and now Covid-19. It’s important to get a flu shot. Flu shots are free at the Wellness Center.
    Covid-19 and the flu have similar symptoms such as fever, cough, fatigue, sore throat, muscle pain or body aches. However, loss of taste or smell is unique to Covid-19.
    The best ways to prevent Covid-19 are to wear a mask, wash your hands and avoid close contact with others.

    Wear a mask, wash your hands and avoid close contact with others. covid prevention

    Mindfulness Activity

    Mindful Exercise with Chocolate

    1. You will need a small piece of chocolate. 2. Slowly open the chocolate. What physical sensations do you have? What emotions are you feeling? 3. Look at the chocolate: Consider its texture, color, weight… Smell the chocolate - does the smell trigger any other senses? 4. Place the chocolate in your mouth but DON’T EAT it!

    mindfulness How does it feel as it melts? Focus on really tasting the chocolate and feeling the texture on your tongue. After the chocolate melts, take 3 deep breaths. How do you feel? 

    Managing Stress

    Many people are experiencing anxiety about Covid-19, remote learning and/or other stressors. This is a tough time. It’s understandable if you are feeling worried, bored or frustrated. You are not alone.

    managing stress

    We all need ways to relax: deep breathing, stretching, meditating or engaging in activities you enjoy like exercising, gaming, reading or other hobbies.

    Have a wonderful winter break and see you in 2021!

    Wellness Center Staff

    Shoshana Mirel – Nurse Practitioner
    Vero Sage van Leuven – Mental Health Counselor
    Lisa McDonald – Program Coordinator
    Marcelene Dorian-Richardson – Health Educator