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    Students with life threatening health conditions
    Posted on 06/11/2018

    Hello parent/guardian of Aki Kurose Middle School student:

    Preparation for next school year has begun, updated health and medication information on your child is needed. Please fill out paperwork early and return to school by mid August. State law requires us to have emergency medications and doctor’s order forms in place by first day of school for students with life threatening health concerns.

    Please plan medical appointments in the summer to have health care provider complete needed forms at that time. To save time you can fax forms directly to the secure school nurse fax line: 206-743-3102.

    Required forms:

    _____Health Registration Form for 2018-19

    _____”Authorization for Medication at School” form (one for EACH medication signed by you AND your health care provider—white sheet)

    _____All medications, especially emergency meds, must be in their original container with a pharmaceutical label and in the building before the first day of school.

    _____Please review enclosed care plan. Please provide changes or additions to the health plan of care for your child (any new diagnoses, info, meds, etc) to school nurse.

    _____If an EpiPen or Epinephrine Injector is prescribed, please indicate where it will be stored (on your child, in the classroom, in nurse’s office, etc).

    _____Immunizations must be up-to-date in order to be in school. We only accept medically verified vaccination updates signed by health care provider.

    *Try and get medications that have long expiration dates that will cover the entire school year.

    The ’17-18 school year will be my last year as a Peace Crane at Aki Kurose MS, I will be continuing my nursing career in California. It has been an honor to work with you to keep your students safe and learning throughout the school day! I have learned much from Aki students, staff, and families, and miss all of our Peace Cranes as they learn and grow. I will continue my regular hours until the last day of school on 6/22/2018.

    We are looking forward to having a new school nurse next year and hope that you will stop by to introduce yourself once the ’18-19 school year begins. You can expect your school nurse to be in the building by late August to begin work on IHPs and other important preparation for the ’18-19 school year.

    Thank you,

    “Nurse Javier”                                                

    Javier Nova Rosa, BSN RN

    School Nurse, Aki Kurose Middle School

    Direct line: 206-252-7707

    Fax: 206-743-3102 (Secure Fax)