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    Peace Crane Press - October 2018
    Posted on 10/16/2018
    This is the image for the news article titled Peace Crane Press - October 2018PEACE CRANE PRESS
    Aki Kurose Middle School     October 2018
    Dear Aki families,
      Thank you for returning our Family Needs Assessment forms. These give us important insight into the needs, strengths and interests of our school community. Please turn in a form if you haven’t yet. We have already started to meet the resource needs of many families. We will also use the information to plan activities this year: A significant number of our families want to learn how to use the Source and are interested in High School transition information, and college preparation, and we will plan activities in response. We will work with parent leaders to plan these, as well as family meetings for cultural groups at Aki.
      With the shorter daylight hours of fall it is important to focus on getting to school safely! We need students to be more careful when crossing the light rail tracks at the intersection of S Graham Street and MLK Way – please remind your student to cross quickly and safely. Encourage your students to use their flashing Aki lights when walking to school or waiting at a bus stop. Hundreds of students picked these up at orientation, curriculum night or the Crane Cash store. If you drop off your students, please be sure to do so at the corner, and never drop off directly across the street from school.  The past few years Aki parents have advocated for safety improvements around Aki. Seattle Department of Transportation is now designing some improvements to the intersection of Rainier Ave. S. and S. Graham Street, including curb bulbs, raised crosswalks, new corner ramps for accessibility and more, to be built summer 2019; learn more & give feedback at Let’s work together to keep our students safe!
      Around the school you can see student work in our hallways that shows students’ progress on standards and how teachers make learning relevant to students (See pictures: Language Arts character and conflict analysis, Student scientists and linear equations with students’ making stories to fit equations).  
    Character and conflict analysis I am a scientist drawings Linear equation posters
    Math night will be held Wednesday, October 17.  Families will learn how to support math learning at home and learn about the math pathway through middle and high school to be college-ready. Most students at Aki Kurose take two math classes: a grade-level standards class, and an enrichment class. This helps all our students grow as much as possible in math during the year. Students are placed in math classes at Aki based on their performance in math the previous year, their state test (SBA) scores from multiple years, and teacher recommendation. In general, an “honors” class is working one year ahead. If you get ahead in middle school math, students can take Algebra I and sometimes also Geometry when in middle school. The order of math classes is usually 6th grade math, 7th grade math, 8th grade math, Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II, Pre-calculus, Calculus. Students do not skip any grade-level standards. Details at:  
      Learn more at math night and support your student’s successful journey in math!
    Dr. Mia Williams, Proud Principal