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    In-Person and Remote Updates
    Posted on 05/06/2021
    In-Person and Remote Updates

    In-Person and Remote Updates

    The information on this page is for Aki Kurose students. Please visit the Seattle Schools page to see all the latest information from the school district.


    Latest News

    In-Person Grade Level Entrance Map

    What needs to be done before coming to school for in-person learning?

    1. If you would like to change your student's In-Person or Remote status: View the appeals process

    2. Prepare for getting to school by Metro: Plan your route and locate your Orca card. More information about transportation.

    3. A COVID safety agreement needs to be signed for each student by a parent/guardian and returned to the front office by email to, or in-person.
      Return to In-Person Forms

    4. A Daily Health Screening (also called "attestation") needs to be completed and approved for entry into the building. 

    Quick Links

    Sample Schedule Daily Attestation Frequently Asked Questions

    Latest In-Person Learning News from the District

    Read the News Article Instructional Model Day in the Life (6th-12th Grade)

    In-Person at Aki Kurose

    Students who are returning to school in-person can expect that they will do remote learning from home in the mornings and then attend classes at school from 11:55 a.m.-3:50 p.m., Monday and Tuesday afternoons. All students will be learning remotely on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.


    Based upon the survey results received on Wednesday, April 7th, we will have 2 cohorts (groups) of students:

    1. Cohort A - Students returning In-Person
    2. Cohort C - Students remaining 100% REMOTE


    This is a visual table. An accessible schedule can be found below or on our Bell Schedule page.



    9:00am - 9:29am      8th Period Advisory
    9:34am - 10:03am    2nd Period
    10:08am - 10:37am  4th Period
    10:42am - 11:10am  6th Period
    11:10am - 11:55am  Lunch (& Transition for In-Person Students)
    12:00pm - 12:50pm  8th Period Advisory
    1:00pm - 1:50pm     2nd Period
    2:00pm - 2:50pm     4th Period
    3:00pm - 3:50pm     6th Period


    9:00am - 9:29am     1st Period
    9:34am - 10:03am   3rd Period
    10:08am - 10:37am  5th Period
    10:42am - 11:10am  7th Period
    11:10am - 11:55am  Lunch (& Transition for In-Person Students)
    12:00pm - 12:50pm  1st Period
    1:00pm - 1:50pm     3rd Period
    2:00pm - 2:50pm     5th Period
    3:00pm - 3:50pm     7th Period


    9:00-9:55      Math 
    9:55-10:50    Science 
    10:50-11:45  ELA 
    11:45-12:30  Lunch
    12:30-1:25    Social Studies 
    1:25-1:40     Break
    1:40-2:35     Electives


    9:00am - 10:25am    8th Period Advisory
    10:25am - 10:40am   Break
    10:40am - 12:05pm  2nd Period
    12:05pm - 12:50pm   Lunch  
    12:50pm - 2:15pm    4th Period
    2:15pm - 2:25pm      Break
    2:25pm - 3:50pm      6th Period


    9:00am - 10:25am     1st Period
    10:25am - 10:40am   Break
    10:40am - 12:05pm   3rd Period
    12:05pm - 12:50pm   Lunch  
    12:50pm - 2:15pm    5th Period
    2:15pm - 2:25pm      Break
    2:25pm - 3:50pm      7th Period

    Daily Attestation

    Each day the student will be coming to school in-person, they MUST complete a health check (attestation). Families will receive an email (or text) in the morning by 5am, on the days the student is expected to be at school. 

    In the email, there will be a link with a few questions to answer, to let us know that the student is not at risk of having COVID-19.

    The student will not be allowed to enter the school, if this attestation is not completed and APPROVED.

    Attest Now

    Watch this video about the attestation process:

    What happens if a student arrives at school without having done the daily screening /attestation?

    The student will stand to an area on the outside of the building, until they have attested, using their own mobile device, or a staff device.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Many of your questions may have been answered in the district news article. 

    Read the article about in person learning

    What happens if a student is having symptoms of illness? 

    The student will be monitored in a Protected Health Care Room until a parent/guardian can pick them up. 911 will be dialed immediately, if a student exhibits difficult breathing or is experiencing distress.

    Will my student have the same teachers?

    SPS is working to maintain teacher consistency. To the extent possible, students returning in-person will remain with their current teachers.

    How often will areas be cleaned?

    • High traffic areas, like restrooms stair rails, will be cleaned three times a day.
    • Classrooms will be cleaned by students at the end of each class period.

    Will transportation be provided?

    No school buses are provided students, unless the student has an IEP. Families can request Orca cards from the district. More information regarding planning your Metro trip and Orca cards.


    Students will not be allowed to eat in the building. Grab and Go food will be available at the lunch distribution door, but students will have to keep the food in their backpack until dismissed from school. 

    Will lockers be available for use?

    No lockers will be used. Students will be expected to carry their backpacks with them throughout the day.

    What should students bring to school?

    Students should bring a backpack with the following items:

    • Fully charged district-provided laptop, with charging cord
    • Pencils
    • Full water bottles (drinking fountains are not in use)

    What do classrooms look like?

    Students will be sitting 6-ft apart, facing the front of the classroom. 

    How many other students will one student have contact with?

    Your student will be encouraged to interact with other students and teachers with mask on and to maintain 6-feet of distance at all times.

    What will passing periods look like?

    We will have three minute passing periods. Students will maintain six-foot distance, walking down hallways with directional arrows. Narrow stairwells are one-way only. 

    What will restroom breaks be like?

    • Classrooms are assigned specific bathrooms
    • Students only use the bathroom during class time ONLY
    • Classrooms will have Bathroom Sign out sheets that must be filled out with student leave time and return time, for contact tracing 
    • Students need to note occupancy and enter only if occupancy allows, otherwise they will wait outside bathroom until they are able to enter into the bathroom

    Are students allowed to bring their cell phones?

    We will allow students to bring their cell phones to be in contact with families before and after class, but not during class. The main office phone is also available for use, if needed.

    Will there be after school activities/groups/sports?

    There will be no spring sports for this school year. 

    After school activities or groups that your student math currently be in (My Sister's Keeper, Kingmakers, etc.) will continue virtually.

    What is the attendance policy?

    Please see the district's news article about attendance. For more information visit the SPS website.

    The information on this page is for Aki Kurose students. Please visit the Seattle Schools page to see all the latest information from the school district.

    Please send any additional questions to or call (206) 252-7700.

    Video Resources

    Safe Return to In-Person Learning Family Orientation

    This video was recorded on April 15, 2021

    In-Person Learning Informational Session Video

    This video was recorded on April 5, 2021.