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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
    Posted on 09/03/2020
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    Where can I get the latest updates from the school and by grade level? 
    Find the latest updates

    How do I login into Schoology?  

    1. From the Student Portal page of Seattle Public Schools websiteclick on the Student link in the Schoology section 
    1.  Login: Your username is located on your parent or guardian's Source account, with after it.  
    1.  Password: your password is your date of birth, numerically.  
      Example: If you were born June, 5, 2010, your default password would be: 06052010 

    If you need additional login information, you can find it here: 

    How do I login to the Source?  

    1. From the Student Portal  page of Seattle Public Schools websiteclick on The Source link in The Source section.  
    1.  Login: Your username is located on your parent or guardian's Source account Example1jrsmith  
    1.  Password: your password is your date of birth, numerically.  Example:  If you were born June, 5, 2010, your default password would be:  06052010 

    If you need additional login information, you can find it here: 

    How do I find out my student's schedule 

    You can find your student’s schedule on the Source. 

    What is the daily / bell schedule? 

    Starting September 14, the bell schedule 

    Does my student have class on Wednesdays? 
    More information about Wednesday schedule 

    Will the students be receiving supplies? 

    If you missed our supply distribution day on September 12th, you can still pick up your supplies at lunch times listed below. 

    Library Books 
    Get the latest updates about from the Librarian from the grade level newsletter and the Library News page. 

    Will there be lunch available? 

    Students and families can pick up meals at Aki Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday from 11:45-1:15 and Wednesdays from 11:15-12:30. Find more lunch information  

    Student Meals by Bus 

    The district provides student meals by bus Monday through Friday throughout Seattle. Please refer to our bus route maps and schedule online to determine the timing of the route or the school closest to your family. 

    You can get more up-to-date information here: 

    Language and Translation Support 

    Please reach out to us with any questions using the following contact information: 

    For English, call Aki at (206) 252-7700 or email 

    For Amharic & Oromo, call Habtamou Kassa at (206) 252-7734 or email 

    For Somali, call Abdi Geireh at (206) 252-7734 or email 

    For Spanish, call Amy Anderson at (206) 252-7765 or email 

    For Tagalog, call Eden Tumbaga at (206) 252-7765 or email 

    For Vietnamese, please call Quang Hoang at (206) 252-7734 or email 

    Can I use my own laptop (BYOD - Bring Your Own Device)? 

    If you have opted to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), please be aware that SPS will not provide any support or repairs to your device. If your BYOD is not working, please contact your school to check out a SPS device for your home use or contact or call 206-252-0100.” 

    Here is some additional information regarding (BYOD): 

    What is a Use Your Own Device (BYOD) policy? 

    The Seattle Public School (SPS) BYOD policy allows students to use their personal devices at school or during online learning.  To be compatible with classroom or online learning, the device must be able to connect to the school’s or SPS wireless network. Students will use their devices in the classroom or online learning to access and save information from the Internet, collaborate with other learners, and utilize the productivity tools, such as OneDrive, that are available to them. 

    What devices are appropriate for BYOD? 

    Devices that are acceptable for this BYOD include devices with the following minimum specifications: 

    Middle School and Grades 3-5: 

    • 11.6", Celeron N4100
    • 4GB RAM
    • 128GB SSD
    • Touch-Screen, One HDMI, Two USB 3.0, Above-Monitor and World-Facing Cameras 

    Is it mandatory for students to use a device to school? 

    Participation in BYOD is optional. Students who choose not to use their personal device will be able to have a District or SPS computer checked out to them.  The school will provide access to devices when district technology is required, for example, SBAC testing, if unable to complete on a personal device. 

    Technical Support - What do I do if my district-provided laptop isn’t working? 

    The following sites are open for families and students for walk-ins and appointments. Students and families can make appointments for the following services by calling Student Tech Line at: 206-252-0100 or email: 

    • Laptop and SPS device support 
    • Hot spots support 
    • Support with remote learning software (e.g., Seesaw, Schoology) and other educational resources 
    • General technology resource information and support 
    • Language help for remote learning tools 
    • Additional English language instructional support 

    Aki Kurose Middle School (west side entrance on 39th) 
    3928 S Graham St. Seattle, WA 98118 
    Mondays and Wednesdays: 9 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. 
    Closed for Lunch: 11 - 11:30 

    Get the most up-to-date locations and times.  

    Other Technical Support 

    Find information about 2019-20 yearbooks.

    FAQs page: 

    If you find incorrect information on this page, please  let us know: