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    How are students assigned in Seattle Public Schools?

    Elementary, middle, and high school students are initially assigned to a designated attendance area school based on where the student lives.  Individual school attendance area maps are available on our School Directory page.

    To view designated school assignments for elementary, middle, and high school students using your current address, use the address lookup tool.

    Option schools offer a variety of approaches and instructional methods.  Students must apply to attend an option school.  Option schools are available for students at all grade levels.

    Several other schools and services are available to meet individual student needs.  Students may request assignment to a service school and/or may be referred there and assigned as individually appropriate.  Unlike attendance area schools and option schools, students may transition into or out of service schools during the school year.

    Student Assignment Transition Plan for 2017-18

    Several updates to the Student Assignment Plan were approved by the School Board on January 11, 2017. Click here to download the Student Assignment Transition Plan for 2017-18. The Plan for 2017-18 continues most of the assignment rules in effect during 2016-17, but some highlights and changes are:

    • Opening Cedar Park Elementary, Meany Middle, and Robert Eagle Staff Middle schools;
    • Truncating grades at Madrona - this school will become a K-5 instead of a K-8;
    • Establishing a GeoZone for Licton Springs K-8;
    • Modifying Highly Capable Cohort pathways;
    • Adding Chief Sealth as the southeast dual language immersion pathway high school;
    • Removing conflicting assignment guarantees for new to the district 6th-8th grade students, that live within K-8 attendance areas;
    • Moving the date when waitlists are dissolved from August 15 to August 31;
    • Adding language clarifying current Special Education services and placement; 
    • Transitioning Nova High School from option school to service school enrollment timelines;
    • Slightly realigning the Eagle Staff and Eckstein middle school boundaries such that View Ridge, Broadview-Thomson, and Wedgwood elementary schools feed into only one middle school, rather than two;
    • Adding appendices for service schools and alternative learning experience (ALE) schools; and 
    • Updating school and program names and locations.

    Student Assignment Documents

    Click here to download the Student Assignment Transition Plan for 2016-17.

    The 2009 Student Assignment Plan was approved by the School Board to provide greater predictability for families while still offering opportunities for school choice.

    The Superintendent's Procedures for Student Assignment sets forth the implementation of the policies established by the Board in the 2009 Student Assignment Plan and the 2016-17 Student Assignment Plan.  These documents are the guides for Admissions and other district staff and must be viewed as integrated companions to fully understand student assignment.

    Last updated: 07/26/2017